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The so-called Varus Battle, which took place in the year 9 AD, is a controversial event among historians with a sparse source of original sources. The view of this event in history has changed again and again in exciting ways over the millennia and Netflix is ​​now presenting a further interpretation of the events.

After the Varus Battle: How does the life of the “barbarians” go on?

Without wanting to spoil, but both the life of the Germanic tribes and that of the Romans continued after the famous battle. While trade and development were flourishing on the left bank of the Rhine, cooperation was over on the right, with corresponding consequences for the economy. In terms of content, the series can live out for a long time and tell us more about the life of the so-called “barbarians” as a result of the famous battle.

The battle is over in the series, but there are still a few questions unanswered. For example, in the end, we learn from the seer that Thusnelda (Jeanne Goursaud) is pregnant. It is probably not from Ari (Laurence Rupp), but from Folkwin (David Schütter). A crisis is imminent here between the former friends. At the latest, however, when Ari should be crowned King of the Teutons, Folkwin’s hatred, who has made a clear threat of death in this case, will be manifest. It is also questionable who is behind the wolf visions of Ari since it was obviously not Varus.

When does “Barbarians” season 2 start on Netflix?

Anyone who hoped to be able to plunge into the past in 2022 has to say goodbye to this thought. In an interview with TVMovie, the Thusnelda actress (Jeanne Goursaud) not only told how she imagines the future of her role but also revealed that she will be there for the shooting in August 2022. In any case, this means that the new episodes won’t appear on Netflix until 2022. When exactly in the year cannot be foreseen with the current information.

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