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In a world full of magic, orphans Asta and Yuno swear to compete for the title of King of Magicians. But while Yuno seems to be a gifted wizard from childhood, Asta is not even given a magic book at the traditional ceremony – until a major threat reveals his true abilities.

Will there be “Black Clover” season 5?

Studio Pierrot (“Naruto”) adapted the anime series “Black Clover” from the manga series of the same name by Yuki Tabata. The adaptation premiered on Japanese TV in 2017. Since then, the series has enjoyed great popularity worldwide.

But for now, fans of “Black Clover” have to be strong, because a break is currently planned. It is not yet known whether and when the anime series will continue afterwards. But: With the broadcast of the 170th episode, the series creators announced that a “Black Clover” movie would soon be mending the hole in your heart.

The main reason for the announced series break is that the anime has now almost caught up with the manga. After 170 episodes, the 28 manga volumes published so far do not provide enough material for a sophisticated plot of a fifth season.

“Black Clover” Season 5: Episode 171 Release

Whether and when the long-awaited 171st episode and thus the fifth season will start is currently unknown. Due to the break, however, it is clear: some manga volumes have to be published before we can continue. Since it was first published in 2015, three to five volumes have been published each year.

So we shouldn’t expect the fifth season before 2023 if the plot of the sequel is to be as polished as before. After all, seasons 1 and 2 each comprised 51 episodes, season 3 even 52. Only season 4 was significantly shorter with 16 episodes.

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