Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

If you’re wondering when The Rookie season 4 starts, we have an answer for you. The release date was scheduled for September 26, 2022. With the announcement of ABC’s fall schedule, it became clear that the crime would be back on TV soon after the summer.

As for the debut here in Italy, Rai 2 deals with the series, which with the previous chapters has left an average of four months to pass before starting with the broadcast. As soon as we know for sure when the fourth season of The Rookie starts in Italy, we will let you know.

The Rookie 4 season advances on the plot

After a season 3 that on average collected something like 10 million viewers, ABC had no particular doubts and proceeded with the renewal of the TV series with Nathan Fillion. The third chapter dealt with fairly current issues, such as police brutality and racism, while the second half focused more on Detective Angela’s attempt to catch La Fiera, the head of the most important drug cartel in Los Angeles.

During the season finale, he manages to arrest her, but, escaped during a transfer, the criminal kidnaps Lopez, who in the last minutes of the episode should have married Wesley. Season 3 ends with the disappearance of the detective. The Rookie 4 season, therefore, should start from this point, with La Fiera on the run and Angela as its prisoner. We look forward to the first advances.

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