Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

A few months ago, Netflix released a brand new series on the Winx saga. If the show has some similarities with the cartoon, fans have still discovered a much simpler and quite different universe.


In the series Fate: The Winx Saga, available on Netflix, fans: “get attached to the initiatory journey of five fairies attending Alfea, fairy boarding school located in the Other World”.

“This is where the Winx (Netflix) must learn to master their magical powers, while discovering love, overcoming their rivalries and facing the monsters that threaten to destroy them.”

One thing is certain, the show started to get interesting at the end of the series. That’s when things started to move. One thing is certain, the end offered many possibilities for the continuation of the adventures.

On the other hand, some fans are wondering when season 2 will be released on the platform. It should definitely see the light of day next year. For now, the actors are still on the set.

This Tuesday, July 20, Netflix shared a new video on its Instagram account. Fans were able to take a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the Winx series. In the caption of its video, the platform makes confidences.

She wrote in the caption of her Instagram video: “Destiny: the Winx saga season 2 is in production”. With her video, she has also collected more than 277,000 views in just five hours from her subscribers.


In the comments, Netflix subscribers revealed, “I want a bag of Winx too. Can you give me one?”, “I can not wait.”, “It’s nice to have a great series too. But also I can’t wait! Too happy that he has Flora!”.

We will therefore still have to be patient before knowing more about the progress of the series on Netflix. One thing is certain, the arrival of Flora is sure to please true fans of the cartoon.

It must be said that Flora is a very popular cartoon character. She was part of the troop of magicians. This time, the platform decided to change the rules. Now, it’s her cousin who replaced her.

It was Terra who made her debut on Netflix. The latter was really unanimous among fans of the series. It must be said that she has a lot of mental and physical strength in her.

It was also at the end of the series that she began to reveal her immense powers. If she was not well-liked by the other sorceresses at the beginning of the series, they started to like them more and more.

This is particularly the case with Stella. The latter also appeared as a really very cold star with her roommates. Still, she was very close to Blum in the cartoon. But over the course of the Netflix series, all the young women have also formed a very beautiful friendship.

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