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A few years ago, Tom Ellis auditioned to play a famous villain at Disney. The actor of Lucifer confides today on this failure.


Lucifer has been delighting millions of viewers for several years. And for good reason! With the series of Tom Kapinos, fans had the chance to discover an actor out of the ordinary.

But if Tom Ellis has become famous by playing the devil on the screen, the actor has been making a career in the 7th art for several decades.

Even his studies were focused on acting. Eh yes! The interpreter of the Prince of Darkness does indeed have a background in theater. And before conquering Hollywood, Welsh was a big name in British television.

In other words, the young man has managed to impose himself on the small screen. Today, he is also one of the most fashionable actors of the moment.

And all thanks to Lucifer. But before slipping into the shoes of the fallen angel, it seems the star wanted to audition for a role at Disney.

Indeed, the stage partner of Lauren German tried to obtain the place of Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. Unfortunately for him, it was Luke Evans who landed the contract.

He confided in this failure in an interview for Galaxy Con last June. “I auditioned and was very close to playing the role of Gaston in Beauty and the Beast that my friend Luke Evans finally played. ”

This is what Tom Ellis explained before continuing: “I really wanted to at the time. Just because I loved the original cartoon so much, and he was so dumb and funny. I really, really, really wanted to do this. But my good friend Luke got it, so I don’t mind.”


The main actor of Lucifer, therefore, missed his chance to become the villain of Bill Condon’s film. Sad news since Tom Ellis was a big fan of the character’s songs.

He would therefore have found it very interesting to be able to play the famous villain. And this, alongside Emma Watson, Josh Gad, and Dan Stevens.

Although he didn’t get the part, the youngster had already played the Beast in another production during his career. In 2020, he was expressing his feelings about the experience to Grumpy magazine.

“I ended up doing my first professional concert in the third year with James (McAvoy note) at the Adam Smith Theater in Kirkcaldy. It was Beauty and the Beast. James got the role of Bobby Buckfast, and I played the Beast and the Prince. I was making money, and that’s what paid my first rent in London when I left drama school.”

A memory of size that the actor of Lucifer remembers with joy. Until we can one day see him in this kind of role, the last season of the Netflix series should be available at the end of the year.


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