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His death broke the hearts of all fans. Nice, funny, endearing, a bit of a burden, Dan marked the series before being shot. But good news: the character will be part of season 6 of Lucifer. It remains to be seen how… and also, where: in paradise, on earth, in hell?


Because among the most hated characters in the series, Michael is likely to prance at the top of all rankings. He has indeed calculated everything to send Chloe to hell. The goal, that his brother has only one desire: to return. So getting Dan killed was part of a terrible plan in which he was just one piece.

But luckily, Lucifer ended up defeating his brother. Well helped by Chloe, who managed to go to Heaven by letting go of all guilt, he regained his courage. That of going to face Eden where he had not been since the revolt, first of all. Then the one to forgive himself to succeed in coming back to Earth.

At the end of an epic fight, Chile, killed by Michael, comes back to life before humiliating her in battle. Then, in a masterful scene, all the angels swear allegiance to their new god. He shows leniency and spares the life of his brother despite the fight “to the death”. And cut off his wings …

A magnificent scene, full of power and symbols… But which does not make the fans forget a pain: Dan is dead. For several episodes, no “shower detective”, no Lucifer’s spade. While he has reserved for her the most monstrous hoax of all time, the devil may well be bored.

“Keep the faith”, launched DB Woodside to his fans on Instagram. Because the fans were “heartbroken”. But the sadness will not last. Kevin Alejandro, alias Dan Espinoza says it himself: he will be back in season 6. It remains to be seen how the writers will bring him back.


Yes, the detective will be back. “But not like everyone thinks,” announces the actor straight away. We must also say Kevin Alejandro had his say on the continuation of the adventures of his character in the series. The creators of the series have indeed entrusted him with part of the production of season 6.

“I was a little on the set of season six”, laughs the actor past director. He can therefore release a spoiler on his character: “he is coming back”. To the delight of Lucifer and all his fans!

It remains to be seen whether he will succeed in leaving the underworld. Or if the Devil who has become God will find him a place in paradise. Or even on Earth? Kevin Alejandro lets go of another track: “he could come back through flashbacks”.

Flashbacks? A way to bring Dan back without reviving him. But his relationship with Lucifer and the evolution of the character may be missed by fans. They will still have to wait to see this!

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