Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

From a surprise success, “John Wick” quickly developed into an internationally sought-after action series, which gave ” Matrix ” star Keanu Reeves a new, memorable role. “John Wick 4” starts where part 3 released us after a cliffhanger ending: John is hunting the high chamber! Netzwelt reveals all the information that is already known for parts 4 and part 5.

John Wick 4: Release Date

The fourth part of the “John Wick” series will start in cinemas on May 27, 2022, and one day later the time will come in the USA. The film will therefore be released one year after the originally planned date, which was scheduled for May 21, 2022. Covid restrictions and the shooting of “Matrix 4” meant that “John Wick 4” had to be postponed.

John Wick 4: Plot

Not much is known about the plot of “John Wick 4”, but the end of the 3rd film already indicates the direction in which the sequel will develop. Together with the Bowery King, John takes on the High Chamber. Winston, who betrayed John, is now also on John’s hit list. However, Chad Stahelski points out that Winston shot John but may not deliberately kill him.

John Wick 4: Trailer

There is no trailer for “John Wick 4” yet. It will probably take until the beginning of 2022 before we see the first official pictures of the sequel. As soon as there is a trailer or teaser, you can find it here.

“John Wick 5” and Other Sequels

Probably “John Wick 5” is already waiting for us in 2023 because the 5th film in the series is to take place immediately after the “John Wick 4” shooting. This saves time and money in production and also ensures that the busy Keanu Reeves does not rush into other projects.

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