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Gillian Anderson, Asa Butterfield, and Emma Mackey return in Season 3 of Sex Education and finally clarify whether Maeve and Otis are getting together. It will start streaming on Netflix in September 2022!

“Sex Education”: Season 3 Release Date

For a year and a half fans have been waiting for the new episodes of the British series. On September 17, 2022, Netflix will finally release the complete third season of “Sex Education” in the stream.

“Sex Education”: Trailer and pictures for season 3

An official trailer for “Sex Education” season 3 has not yet seen the light of day. You can look forward to a humorous video from the Moordale school, in which Otis and Maeve give each other the handle to advertise – much to Maeve’s displeasure!

In addition, a whole series of pictures for the third season of the comedy series was published. Take a look at the pictures for “Sex Education” Season 3:

“Sex Education”: Season 3 Plot

Season 3 of “Sex Education” has many open questions to answer. On the one hand, this includes how things will go with Otis and Maeve. At the end of season 2, Isaac, Maeve’s new wheelchair neighbor, deleted Otis’ mailbox message to Maeve. In this, he has confessed his love to her. Will the two finally get together in season 3, or can Isaac win Maeve over?

The relationship between Eric and Adam will also be at the center of the Season 3 storyline. Although Adam managed to publicly stand up for his sexuality in season 2, this can change very quickly with his volatile nature. And there is also Rahim who has feelings for Eric. So it remains exciting here.

Furthermore, Otis’ mother Jean is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Jakob. How will Otis react to the news and can the baby bring Jean and Jakob back together?

Another big question will be answered in season 3: Will Otis continue as a sex counselor at his high school or will he drop everything without Maeve? The fact that Jean is the school’s new sex counselor also gets in the way of his business. On the other hand, Otis’ successes suggest that he should pursue this talent. But only if he is not in his own way.

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