Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

On social networks, DB Woodside shared a photograph where he chose to savage fans about the delivery date of Lucifer season 6!

A couple of months prior, Netflix revealed season 5 part B of Lucifer. Furthermore, the least we can say is that she was a genuine hit. As of late, DB Woodside also known as Amenadiel savaged fans over the spin-off of the series.


In a couple of months, Lucifer fans will find the absolute last period of the series. In fact, the last will end in season 6. One thing is sure, it is actually excitedly anticipated on Netflix.

Until further notice, Netflix has not unveiled the delivery date for season 6 of Lucifer. In any case, fans realize that the recording finished a little while prior. It ought to in this manner come around by the following year.

As far as concerns, DB Woodside pseudonym Amenadiel has chosen to prod the fans about this well-known delivery date. It should be said that it is actually excitedly anticipated. Yet, until further notice, there is no information on this.

The entertainer, along these lines, played on this large tension. On his Twitter and Instagram account, he imparted another photograph to a silly subtitle. He showed up with a clear, clean sheet in his grasp.

In the inscription of his Instagram photograph, DB Woodside composed with a great deal of humor: “The date of the debut of season six is ​​on this little piece of paper” . An exceptionally clever little message that interested Lucifer fans.

Some then, at that point messed with the entertainer. They expressed, “Don’t be bashful and show us this paper . “,” We need to know! »,« I focused in on the sheet. “,” Turn the paper! “Yet additionally” I did a major zoom haha “.


As far as concerns him, the essayist of Lucifer has made confidences about this last season. Chris Rafferty said: “My expect our crowd is that they likewise partook in the excursion “.

The essayist of Lucifer likewise added: “That he liked all feelings, great and terrible, through which we have directed them. Furthermore, that they likewise discovered a feeling of family, similar to me “.

At long last, he closed: “All beneficial things reach a conclusion. Also, my main objective before season six was to consider that “. As far as concerns him, DB Woodside likewise prodded the finish of the series.

A couple of months prior, he shared another photograph on his Instagram account. He showed his last second on the arrangement of the Netflix series. One thing is sure, he looked extremely moved.

The Lucifer entertainer stated, “Well… here’s the family. The last seven-day stretch of my last scenes with my sibling. What an incredible little ride it was. From Vancouver to LA. Much thanks to you, Vancouver “.

He additionally added, “I have always remembered any of you. We have been so honored. You Lucifer fans have been so kind to this little show that such countless individuals care about. So often “.

At last, he closed: “Six seasons later and we’re going out as we needed. And all gratitude to YOU. As Amenadiel would say: Let’s return home “

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