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For years, the audience has been attracted by the zombie topic and new media creations are constantly finding their way onto TV at home. This is also the case with the horror and drama series “Fear the Walking Dead”, which was published in the summer of 2015. Over ten million viewers followed the pilot episode of “The Walking Dead” spin-off. “Fear the Walking Dead” starts a little earlier than the big brother “The Walking Dead” and when the walkers only appeared sporadically. A group of fleeing people make their way through the landscape and try to get to safety. There are now six seasons of the zombie series. But what about “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 7?

Is “Fear the Walking Dead” season 7 coming?

In the course of the series, it became increasingly clear from the falling audience numbers that “Fear the Walking Dead” cannot keep up with the main series “The Walking Dead”. Even crosspoints only occasionally helped the audience to be more interested. Only 1.5 million people watched the end of the fifth season, which was only a small fraction given the grandiose entry. Season 5 ends with the badly injured Morgan, who seeks refuge in a church while being surrounded by a zombie horde.

The first part of the sixth season, which clarifies the fate of Morgan, followed in the fall of 2020. Part 2 was published in April 2022. Furthermore, the main protagonists split up and get their own storylines. This new narrative style brought a breath of fresh air to the series. Which apparently was sorely needed. As The Hollywood Reporter confirmed in December 2020 ‘Fear the Walking Dead “Season 7th.

When will “Fear the Walking Dead” continue?

Like many series, the corona pandemic has thwarted “Fear the Walking Dead”. So the production and thus also the broadcast of the sixth season had to pause. But fans can be happy, season 7 is coming sooner than expected: AMC announced the new season for autumn 2022 and an end to the spin-off is not yet in sight.

However, things are not looking so rosy for the original series. The main series “The Walking Dead” receives its final season with a further 24 episodes. This will start in the USA on August 22, 2022.

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