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It goes on: The sequel to the German series “Biohackers” is now available on Netflix. And what about a third season?

The fans of “Biohackers” * had to wait less than a year for the second season: Since July 9, 2022, Netflix users have been discovering six new episodes in the streaming offer. Do the makers get another chance to tell the story afterward? We have summarized what is known about a possible 3rd season below.

Beware, there will be spoilers for the 1st and 2nd season of “Biohackers”

“Biohackers” on Netflix: The plot of the series

The young medical student Mia visits the university in Freiburg. There she primarily pursues one goal: She wants to get in touch with professor Tanja Lorenz in order to get revenge on her. Mia assumes that the lecturer is responsible for her brother’s death. In general, she questions any gene experiments that Lorenz carries out. But is the researcher really the real antagonist of the series? Mia and Lorenz have to find out in the 2nd season that another person wants to harm both women. A race against time begins for Mia: after being kidnapped in the season 1 finale, she loses some of her memories. The kidnappers injected her with a strange liquid that continued to clog her body. Will you manage to uncover all evil machinations in time and save yourself?

In addition to Luna Wedler (Mia), Jessica Schwarz (Tanja Lorenz) will again play a leading role in the 2nd season. There are also actors Thomas Prenn (Niklas), Adrian Julius Tillmann (Jasper), Jing Xiang (Chen-Lu), Caro Cult (Lotta) and Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer (Ole).

“Biohackers”: Will there be a third season on Netflix?

Netflix has not yet commented on a possible 3rd season of “Biohackers”. Whether the story continues or not remains to be seen. If the actors return to the set one more time, it can be assumed that new episodes will not start until summer 2022 – unless Corona brings the shooting to an unscheduled standstill.

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