Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Little by little, “Dexter” takes the shape that fans wanted in a potential comeback. The end of the eighth season had greatly obfuscated fans who did not accept the end of their beloved character. However, this did not mean that they were going to accept any kind of revival that tried to make up for the mistakes of the past.

The show starring Michael C. Hall could show a first extended trailer during the next virtual Comic-Con in about ten days. With this, more details would come about what to expect from the plot, but also from the cast. The fiction confirmed two ex-companions of Hall in its cast and could add a third according to rumors.

Jessica Carpenter and John Lithgow had been the two “Dexter” actors who first confirmed that they would have a part in the show. Lithgow was the one who spoke the most about it, who said that his character was dead so his presence would be by way of flashbacks. Furthermore, it was he who revealed Carpenter’s appearance in an interview given to Deadline.

Now, it is speculated that CS Lee also joins the ninth installment of “Dexter.” This was confirmed on a fiction fan page where they reported that he was seen accompanied by Clyde Phillps, the showrunner of the show. The actor was in charge of playing Vince Masuka, a Miami police forensic specialist who becomes close friends with the protagonist.

What to expect from the revival

Beyond the fact that every fan of “Dexter” will want the essence to be respected in the new episodes, the disappointment of the original ending only puts them on alert. However, both the promotional images and the words of their showrunner fuel their enthusiasm. “This is ‘Dexter.’ People are going to die ”, clarified Phillips in an interview given to TV Insider. It seems that violence will not be lacking in the ten episodes that make up the revival.

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