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It was quiet for a long time about “Cursed”, but now comes the bad news for all fans of the series: There will be no second season. Netflix always leaves fans of new series out in the rain and it always remains a secret how the story would have continued or ended. This is sometimes very painful, as in “The Society” or “Skylines”, where the story just ends in the middle. “Cursed” ended with a cliffhanger that is no longer – at least cinematically – resolved.

Both the book and the series have an open ending and the actual intention of the authors and the streaming provider to continue telling the story was clearly expressed at the end, not only with the allusion to the fate of two famous heroes from the well-known historical Arthurian epic.

The ten-part fantasy series ” Cursed ” tells the Arthurian legend from a completely new perspective. Nimue ( Katherine Langford ) leads a peaceful life until her village is wiped out by the brutal Red Paladins. The only thing left is a mission: deliver the legendary Excalibur sword to the magician Merlin. From then on, Nimue goes on a dangerous journey with the mercenary Artur ( Devon Terrell ), on which she becomes a symbol of the rebellion against the oppressors of the people.

The series comes from comic book writer Frank Miller (” Sin City “) and screenwriter Tom Wheeler (“Puss in Boots”). At the same time as the series, they published the illustrated novel of the same name, which was also available as an audiobook.

“Cursed”: Cast

In addition to Katherine Langford, this series has other familiar faces to offer. “ Vikings ” star Gustaf Skarsgård slips into the role of Merlin. Artur is played by Devon Terrell, who played the young Barack Obama in the biopic “Barry”. Daniel Sharman (“Medici”, ” Fear the Walking Dead “) plays a monk whose path crosses with the heroes. Finally, Sebastian Armesto (” Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides “) can be seen as the evil king Uther Pendragon.

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