Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

The five seasons of the ” Peaky Blinders ” series have provided an intense and immeasurable emotional crescendo. The Netflix strip grew in production, in the budget, and in viewers, who came to follow it and become fanatical to the point of obsession.

This production starring Cillian Murphy in the role of Thomas Shelby has meant a crude walk through England in the years after the First World War. Mafias, poverty, violence, politics, betrayal, business, family traditions, and many other themes run through this series, which also features a luxurious soundtrack and stunning photography.

After an unsustainable ending, the fifth season left fans on the brink of collapse and, as if that were not enough, came the coronavirus, the pandemic, and the restrictions that delayed all the filming stages of what will be the sixth and final season. of the series. That is why anxiety is at the limit and from the “Peaky Blinders” team, every so often, they reveal some detail to calm the beasts.

In this case, it was its creator, Steven Knight, who advanced some aspects of what fans can expect in the upcoming episodes. “Our eyes will be on 1934, and things are worse there. The rhythm of the drums gains more force and tensions increase. Tommy is in the middle of all that,” said the writer.

In turn, the director added: “This is what will help us to tell how certain things happened in the 1930s. Ultimately, it will be a tragedy.” Throughout the previous installments, we have already seen how some historical events fundamentally condition the path that the script is taking, with businesses in full Prohibition, with investments prior to the great Wallstreet crash, or, as in the last season, the rise of fascism in the European nations.

Season 6 will be the last of the series starring the Shelby family, but a feature film has already been announced to extend the story. For now, the filming of the strip is over and it is in post-production, awaiting the announcement of the release date.

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