Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Over two decades, the ” Fast and Furious ” franchise has stood out as one of the most ambitious and blockbusters in the action genre. However, it has also had its share of romance. One of them even felt very real to one of its members.

Actress Jordana Brewster was part of multiple installments of the popular series by Vin Diesel as Mia Toretto. For a considerable time, the interpreter also functioned as the love interest of Brian O’Conner, played by Paul Walker.

While the two shared many intimate moments on “The Fast and the Furious, ” it was never confirmed that Brewster and Walker were in a real-life relationship. However, the star recently admitted that she did have a crush on Walker while screen sharing.

In a recent interview with E! In the Red Carpet & Award promotion for the latest film, Brewster opened up about her attraction to her costar after being told that Walker had a crush on her too. This was undoubtedly a revelation for the one who gave life to Toretto’s sister, who was completely surprised.

“I was in love with him, more like from 4 to 7,” acknowledged Brewster, who also admitted that he never revealed his feelings. “I never got to tell him, but I think on many levels he knew,” she added.

Brewster wasn’t the only one

It is worth mentioning that the actress was not the only one enthralled with the imposing presence and charisma of the late actor. In another interview with UsWeekly, he acknowledged that there were many reasons why everyone in his life had such a deep love for him.

“I think it definitely came to light, I think there was a kind of increase when he passed away,” explained the famous. “Everyone came out to talk about the little acts of charity or kindness he did, and I think everyone felt it a lot because he talked to so many because he was so humble and he was such a cool guy,” added Brewster.

While the ninth installment is still in theaters, the “Fast and Furious” saga plans to say goodbye with a tenth film divided into two parts, whose filming would begin next year.

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