Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Just a few weeks before the season finale of ” Good Girls ” airs in the USA, the broadcaster NBC has made a decision about the future of the satirical crime series: After four seasons, the series will be discontinued (via Variety ). When you can see the final episodes and what Annie, Ruby, and Beth can expect in season 4, you can find out below.

“Good Girls” Season 4: Netflix Launch

In the past few years, Netflix has established a nearly annual rhythm for the release of the new season “Good Girls” and brought us new episodes in the summer months. However, the pandemic did not stop at the “Good Girls” and already shortened the third season by five episodes.

Despite the difficulties, season 4 started quite according to plan in the USA in spring 2022, including the missing episodes. We expect the Netflix start of the final season by the end of 2022.

“Good Girls” Season 4: What’s Next?

At this point, we don’t want to reveal too much, of course, but in season 4 the usual tensions of criminal careers, as well as the family life of the three women Annie ( Mae Whitman ), Ruby (Retta), and Beth ( Christina Hendricks ), will play a central role. Annie continues to seek inner peace, tries to come to terms with her past, and gain new strength. From now on, Beth goes her own criminal path – without Rio (Manny Montana) – and uses her husband’s spa to do so. Ruby seems to have overcome her marital crisis, or is her secret yet to come to light? We are curious to see whether the undercover agents can track down the three housewives …

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