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The fifth season “Gomorrah” is supposed to be the finale of the series. First glimpses of the trailer suggest tragic scenes. When can we see the consequences in the USA?

In the fourth season, the focus shifted, because Genny wants to lead a normal and legal life and protect his small family. After the finale of the twelve episodes, fans didn’t have to wait long for approval for the fifth season. Nils Hartmann, responsible for original productions at Sky, said during a press conference in March 2019: “There are some very strong editorial ideas that justify another season.”

“Gomorrah” Season 5: Hard filming time during the pandemic

Those responsible emphasized that they are not continuing the series because it is a huge success, but because they had a major idea. This form of seriousness and passion for the cause is also evident in the recent posting by Marco D’Amore, who played the lead role of Ciro Di Marzio in the first three seasons of the series and is involved in directing in seasons 4 and 5. His post reports difficult times during the shoot, but neither the cold, masks nor the loss of loved ones could have stopped the team.

“Gomorrah” Season 5: When do the new episodes start?

A social post by D’Amore commemorated the series’ launch on Italian television. As with every season so far, it starts a few months later with us. According to Sky, we will be able to see the new episodes from November in prime time and as a continuous stream. The provider has not yet given an exact date.

Roberto Saviano himself, who wrote the underlying non-fiction books, has already spoiled his work for the fifth season via social media. We can certainly look forward to new, very exciting episodes. If you are bored by then and would like to dive back into the Gomorrah world, you can watch the prequel film about Ciro, the immortal.

In Italy, season 4 was celebrated by the public

Even if Genny wants to say goodbye to organized crime – it’s not that simple. Blood and violence are not neglected in this season either, but it also shows another side of the characters that have not been shown so strongly before. If you read the comments on the season and its finale on social media, you will only find a highly satisfied audience that is full of praise and enthusiasm. Epic, great, the best Mafia series after “The Sopranos”.

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