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Will “Virgin River” Season 4 arrive on Netflix? The chances are more than good! We’ll tell you everything that is known about the continuation of the successful series.

After season 3 of “Virgin River” has finally released, fans are naturally wondering how it will go on. The chances for a 4th season of the Netflix series are very good! Apparently filming should start in the summer. You can find all information about the possible continuation with us.

Virgin River Season 4: Release Date.

With shooting starting in July 2022, we assume that season 4 of “Virgin River” will start on Netflix in summer 2022 at the earliest.

Virgin River Season 4: Trailer.

Of course, there is no trailer for Season 4 of “Virgin River” yet. As soon as the first images of the new season are available, you will find them out here.

Virgin River Season 4: Plot.

Doc goes through a terrible mess in Season 3 of Virgin River. After an accident, Hope has to be put into an artificial coma. His alleged grandson turns up in town. In season 4 we will certainly find out whether Hope survived her accident and what the mysterious young man is all about.

At the same time, something happens that changes Jack and Mel’s relationship forever: Mel is pregnant! Even before Jack found out about it, he decided long ago that he wanted to ask for Mel’s hand. However, it doesn’t get that far, because Mel doesn’t know if Jack is the father. This will certainly lead to further complications in the next season.

Preacher and Jack team up and are business partners from now on, while Brie decides to leave town. After her miscarriage and her trauma from the rape, she wants to leave her old life behind.

The situation between Charmaine and Jack is tense. Jack wants joint custody of the twins, but Charmaine doesn’t want to endanger her marriage to Todd. In the new episodes, there is therefore very likely a custody battle.

Calvin returns and threatens Brady. He implies that Brady is behind the attempted murder of Jack, or at least he will make it look like that. Eventually, Brady is arrested because the murder weapon was found on him. The preacher is also ambushed. Will the two of them get out of the matter safely?

Virgin River Season 4: Cast.

We expect the entire line-up of “Virgin River” to return. You will see Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda “Mel” Monroe, Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan, Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins, and Colin Lawrence as John “Preacher” Middleton.

Lynda Boyd will not return as Lilly because her character died of cancer in season 3. The return of Annette O’Toole as Hope McCrea is also on the brink, as Hope had a serious accident and is in mortal danger.

Virgin River Season 4: Production.

The online magazine “What’s on Netflix” reports that filming for season 4 will begin at the end of July 2022. The chances that the news is true are very high. After all, season 2 and season 3 were also ordered before the previous season was broadcast.

The source behind the assumption is the latest edition of “Production Weekly”, in which upcoming film and series projects are listed. This announces the shooting of the new season.

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