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Supermodel Bella Hadid has freaked out the networks by posting revealing photos with Marc Kalman

Bella Hadid is the star of the catwalks who has recently freaked the networks by introducing her partner, a graphic designer named Marc Kalman, on Instagram.

It seems that after his definitive separation from the singer The Weeknd, who has been seen with the beautiful actress Angelina Jolie, now the model Bella Hadid did not hesitate to withdraw into the background to divert attention from her breakup.

And it is that in recent days it has not stopped generating unnecessary debates on social networks and the truth is that the star of the catwalks has been taking advantage of this retreat to lead his love life without the pressure of the media.

Bella Hadid’s surprise post.

Once their new courtship was consolidated, Gigi’s sister and the handsome Anwar Hadid did not hesitate to introduce her boyfriend on her Instagram account, causing a lot of fury among her fans and followers on social networks.

“The best moment of my life. In good health, working and feeling loved.”

That was what he wrote next to a photo in which he appears smiling and hugging his partner, the lucky man who has conquered the heart of the model and who is presumed to be a graphic designer named Marc Kalman

Marc Kalman is an art director who has worked with Travis Scott for years. There is a Kardashian connection between Kalman, as he worked as an art director for the beautiful Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend, Travis Scott, and Hadid, who is close to Kylie’s sister, Kendall Jenner.

Notably, Bella Hadid’s boyfriend is known for his work with Scott in the music industry and has a prolific portfolio site representing his various projects, from making the album cover for Scott to branding for Made Fashion Week of Milk Studio.

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