Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

When it became clear that another sixth season would be released after the breathtaking finale of “Lucifer”, fans all over the world went nuts! Fans everywhere are asking: when is season 6 coming? The showrunners do not want to give an exact date yet but promise an emotional end for the series. It is clear that the last season will be quite short – we only have ten episodes left with our favorite characters! So the last season has six episodes less than season 5 got. Is that a cause for concern? Showrunner Joe Henderson spoke in an interview about the real reason for the shortened season.

That’s why the last season is so short

Henderson reveals the background to the short season: Actually, it was not originally planned at all! SPOILER for season 5: Lucifer took over the role of God in the finale! SPOILER end. THAT was supposed to be the end of the entire series. But Warner Bros. arguably called Henderson pretty quickly after season 5 was over and asked for another season. “They called us and said, ‘Can you do Season 6? Do you have a story for season 6? ‘ and we basically said, ‘We’ll only do this if we can find a dignified story.’ “And they seem to have discovered this“ dignified ”story! “ But it felt more like 10 episodes, sometimes you have a feel for it,“ said the showrunner.

Season 6 is supposed to be really awesome

In the interview, he added that they want to make sure that the sixth season is “tight, strong and focused”. “ 10 felt like just the right number of episodes to still give us some wiggle room, but also to make sure we could make the landing. “It sounds like the story was really the focus of the decision and not a studio that attracts a huge pile of money! A feeling that Henderson confirms again in an interview: “ We want to make sure that with this decision for another season we don’t ruin this wonderful story that we have told. “ We are really excited to see how the story of Lucifer will end now!

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