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One nerd, one email, all the secrets: after Chuck Bartowski ( Zachary Levi ) is expelled from Stanford University for a lie by his best friend Bryce (Matthew Bomer), he works in the computer department of Buy More. Years later, he receives an email from Bryce. Now a CIA agent, his former classmate decided to destroy the CIA and NSA database server and to send all information to Chuck before he died.

As if by a miracle, all data is saved in Chuck’s brain, which not only gets to know the darkest chapters of the secret services but is also the last remaining storage medium for that information. Some agents quickly target the computer nerd.

“Chuck” Season 6 Release: Will there be a sequel?

The action-comedy series ” Chuck ” has been available on Amazon Prime Video since April 2022 – more precisely, seasons 1 to 5 can be found there. Fans are now rightly wondering whether there will soon be a sixth season on the online streaming provider.

However, we have to disappoint you at this point: “Chuck” was canceled with the fifth season in 2012. A sixth season will therefore appear neither on Amazon Prime nor on other streaming services such as Netflix.

According to the current status, it looks very unlikely that there will be a revival in the form of season 6. The main actor Zachary Levi currently embodies the superhero ” SHAZAM ” and its sequel ” SHAZAM 2: Fury of the Gods “, while series partner Yvonne Strahovski is busy with series such as ” The Handmaid’s Tale ” and ” Stateless ” and in the summer of 2022 streaming records with the Amazon Film ” The Tomorrow War ” broke.

A sequel is not entirely impossible, as the “Friends Reunion” and the announcement of the seventh season of “iCarly” recently demonstrated. Still, we advise anyone looking for a sequel to “Chuck” not to have too much hope.

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