Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

The Vinland Saga anime officially announces its second season with Wit Studio. Fans also got a sneak peek at new art.

It’s been a while since Vinland Saga informed fans with some kind of update, but everything has changed for the better. In the wake of its first season, the anime left netizens asking for more, but a word was never given on what the show’s next steps would be.

And now, fans have found out that the show has plans for a second season after all. The update recently arrived in Japan as the Thorfin anime held an event to celebrate its second anniversary.

It was there that netizens asked for an update on the anime, and the team behind Japanese animation confirmed that the second season is already in production. This season 2 promises to be action-packed, and fans got a glimpse of the title in a new poster and short trailer.

When is Vinland Saga season 2 coming out?

There is no official date for season 2 yet, but it was confirmed to be in production. A poster for season two was released, and it featured one of the franchise’s most familiar heroes. After all, Thorfinn is seen in the center of this image, and the soldier looks older thanks to his long, shaggy hair.

Shares that the trailer was a compilation video with the best moments of season 1. However, he recalled that the Wit Studio team (first 3 seasons of Attack on Titan) has many things prepared for the second season.

Where to see the Thorfin anime?

The Vinland Saga anime is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video (24 episodes of season 1), which limited its scope. But in the time since its launch, the show has amassed a sizable fandom that has been eager to find out about season two.

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