Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

The actress was seen in her social networks with her new partner.

Actress Sharon Stone made headlines again after a series of photos were released where she is joined by rapper RMR. Since then, rumors about a possible romance between the two began to circulate.

The “Low Instincts” actress caused all kinds of rumors since the musician is barely 25 years old. Several journalists have already seen the 63-year-old artist with her possible partner in different posts, to the meetings they starred in the city of Los Angeles.

Last week, they were spotted at “Hotspots Delilah” and “The Highlight Room”, where they even dared to dance hip-hop.

A source from Page Six confirmed that they were already kissing together at rapper Drake’s PND club, and they were even seen breaking bottles with Chris Brown.

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RMR is a rising artist who protects his identity with balaclava and gold implants in his teeth. In recent months he was seen several times with Sharon Stone and his popularity grew even more.

Another source added that he is a huge fan of “Casino,” the 1995 mobster movie in which the actress was placed under Martin Scorsese. The “Dealer” rapper even got Stone to don one of his signature balaclavas at the club.

This was another confirmation from a close source. They both move on with their relationship through social media. RMR liked many photos of her, including one showing her watercolors, as she supported her career advancement.

Controversial statements.

Amid rumors about her possible romance, Sharon Stone is still in the public eye due to her statements against Meryl Streep. The “Catwoman” actress said the Oscar winner is highly overrated.

She also confessed that many roles could not be played by Streep, including her role as a villain in Paul Verhoeven’s classic “Low Instincts.”


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