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The premiere of season 5 of ‘Money Heist’ is getting closer and closer and fans of the Spanish series are counting the days until the arrival of the new chapters. The scheduled date for the premiere of the new season is next September 3.

The end of season 4 of ‘Money Heist’ produced a great void among the fans as a result of the death of Nairobi ( Alba Flores ), one of the characters most loved by the followers of the series.

Nairobi was part of the original Professor’s band from the first season and his death caused great pain among fans, who remembered that the original name of the character was Agata Jiménez before receiving his nickname.

The character played by Alba Flores was an expert in counterfeiting money within the gang of robbers. In addition, fans of the series discovered that she had a son housed in an orphanage after being arrested for drug trafficking.

Nairobi became one of the fan-favorite characters for her charismatic personality and for becoming the leader of the gang during the heists while the Professor handled everything from outside.

The gang managed to save Nairobi’s life repeatedly but was eventually killed when Cesar Gandía (Jose Manuel Poga) shot him in the head. After his death, the Professor’s gang promised to carry out the robbery “for Nairobi .”

The Real Reason Nairobi Died

The showrunner of ‘Money Heist’ Jesus Colmenar, recently revealed the secret plot behind the death of Nairobi. Colmenar explained that the character had no place in the next season and that he would have a very bad time if he continued alive.

“Nairobi is the heart of the band. I was going to have a hard time in season 5 which is pure confrontation. Nairobi is a character that is not made for direct confrontation,” Colmenar explained in an interview.

Fans of the series are hoping that Nairobi will at least show up via flashbacks in season 5 so they can say goodbye to the beloved character.

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