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Shortly before the finale of “Loki”, the title character is confronted with a lot of new things. What is behind the episode and how it could go on, you can read here.

– Attention: This is followed by spoilers for “Loki” season 1, episode 5 –

On June 9th, the third series of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) finally appeared. ” Loki ” not only brings back the popular antagonist, but the series also introduces the Time Variance Authority ( TVA ) and introduces fans to whole new worlds of the fantastic universe. But as with “ WandaVision ” and “ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ”, each episode leaves us with questions that we can hopefully answer here.

The finale in episode 5 raises new questions.

Those who didn’t miss the post-credit scene in episode 4 already know that Loki ( Tom Hiddleston ) wasn’t wiped out. Instead, he has landed in the void at the end of time, a place where “all instances of existence collide at one point and just cease”. At least that’s how Ravonna Rennslayer ( Gugu Mbatha-Raw ) explains it. The end of time is apparently still being written and is to be turned into a utopia by the timekeepers. What awaits Loki in this void, however, is not a utopia, but a kind of dystopia and four other Loki variants.

They have all already come to terms with their fate and see no way out of the void. Only an actual death by the dangerous, cloud-like monster Alioth can free them. But the Loki we know doesn’t want to give up and plans to kill Alioth, he can even win the old Loki alias King Loki (Richard E. Grant) and the young variant alias Kid Loki (Jack Veal) for himself. Fortunately, his plan is not even put to the test when he and his variants meet Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) and Mobius ( Owen Wilson ).

As always, the female variant of the god of practical jokes has a better plan. Instead of killing Alioth – which seems impossible – she wants to bewitch the creature to find out what or who it is protecting. Sylvie suspects that Alioth is guarding the real people behind the TVA. In a spectacular ending that costs a great deal of sacrifice, Sylvie manages to conquer the monster with the help of Loki and proves once again how good her plans are. Because behind the cloud hides a castle.

Will the Kang theory finally be confirmed in the “Loki” final?

It is not yet known who has holed up behind the mysterious castle, because before viewers can learn more about the place at the end of the world, episode 5 with the title “Journey into the Unknown” ends. A theory that has been around for a long time could actually turn out to be true in the finale of “Loki”. Accordingly, Kang the Conqueror would receive the two variants in the castle. In the current episode, there were already hidden references to the ominous new villain in the MCU. Not to mention his connection to Ravenna.

A further theory believed that He Who Remains is staying in the castle. The last living director of the TVA created the timekeepers and the time-twists in the comics. They were supposed to be building the next universe, but instead, they traveled back in time and destroyed the universe that was already there.

Since Kang’s future in the MCU is already certain thanks to “ Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania ”, the “Loki” final would be a suitable opportunity to introduce the character and pave the way for it. But maybe the makers will surprise us again and let all theories vanish into thin air. We’ll find out what actually happens when the final of “Loki” is shown on Disney + from July 14th.

By Farwa Raza

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