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With the sixth season, the drama series “This Is Us” comes to the end of its story. We’ll tell you when it starts and what to expect.

“This Is Us, “tells a simple yet powerful story about the Pearson family. To numerous beautiful moments, the series also sheds light on the trauma and dramas in the lives of Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), his wife Becca (Mandy Moore), and their three children. Thanks to various leaps in time, most of the series have grown up themselves and have their own experiences. In season 6 these should come to an end. We’ll tell you everything we know about the final season.

When does “This Is Us” Season 6 Release.

Anyone who already holds the red marker in their hands to mark the start of the season of “This Is Us” in the calendar will be disappointed at this point for the time being. Because there is neither in nor in the USA a date or an approximate period for the start of season 6. So far, new episodes in the USA have mostly started in September or October. Since “This Is Us” season 5 suffered badly from the corona pandemic, this rhythm cannot be adhered to for the finale.

The new episodes won’t start before 2022. For fans this is no reason to be sad, we assume that season 6 can be streamed on Amazon Prime at the same time as the US launch. Users then usually have the option of buying the episodes individually or buying the whole season at a discount. So if you don’t want to wait until all episodes are included in the Prime subscription, you can get the latest episodes faster.

What happens in the sixth season of “This Is Us”?

– Warning: This is followed by spoilers for “This Is Us” Season 5 –

What exactly viewers can expect in the last episodes remains a secret. The final scene in season 5 provides another glimpse into the future, which means that you can already guess what might happen.

Kate and Toby are getting divorced.

You’d think that Kevin’s (Justin Hartley) ruptured wedding was the biggest shock of the season finale. But the look into the future revealed a completely different separation to fans: Kate (Chrissy Metz) has her wedding day and her groom is Philip (Chris Geere). When and why Kate and Toby (Chris Sullivan) broke up is not yet clear. In the fifth season, it was already indicated that the two had communication difficulties. The upcoming move – if it takes place – will also take its toll.

At Philips’ request, Kate may stay at the music school and she and Toby try a long-distance relationship. As they become more and more alienated, she gets closer and closer to her boss, Philip. Since Kate is already 45 years old on her wedding day, their relationship will probably only slowly build up. So you can count on a leap in time again.

“This Is Us” cast returns for the final season.

As there was no information at the moment that the leading actors were leaving, we strongly assume that they will all return for the final season. The last season will surely introduce some new faces as well. As soon as these are known, you will find out here.

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