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“The Tomorrow War” starring Chris Pratt (Star-Lord from the Marvel Cinematic Universe ) was once shot as a blockbuster cinema, but when Covid postponed numerous films, Paramount sold the film to Amazon for $ 200 million. A large sum, but Amazon can probably be satisfied because, despite mixed reviews, the science fiction film appeals to a large audience.

Immediately after the credits, many viewers wondered whether there would be a second part. Director Chris McKay has also commented on a possible sequel. Netzwelt reveals everything that is already known about “The Tomorrow War 2”.

The Tomorrow War 2: Release Date

Since “The Tomorrow War 2” has not yet been officially confirmed, it is difficult to predict when the sequel might be released. A project of this size takes time, so it would be possible to release in 2023 at the earliest, provided that production starts soon.

Since Amazon only bought “The Tomorrow War” but did not produce it itself, the rights to a potential sequel are probably still with Paramount. Thus, the film studio could decide whether part 2 should also appear on Amazon (if the streaming service is willing to pay for it) or whether this time it should really be released in the cinema.

The Tomorrow War 2: Plot

The story from “The Tomorrow War” is actually closed. Because Dan Forester and his companions have already defeated the aliens in the present, the future war could be prevented.

A sequel could of course make it easy by simply claiming that another spaceship was hiding in the Russian ice that Dan did not discover. In addition, we don’t know for sure that the war was actually prevented because the connection to the future no longer exists at the end of the film. Maybe it’s like the Terminator series: The day of reckoning wasn’t prevented, just postponed.

Alternatively, part 2 could just play before or during the events of “The Tomorrow War” and show more of the war. However, director Chris McKay suggests another possible plot for a sequel. Another film will show more of the home planets of the Whitespikes and also explain how they are created and how they grow up. In addition, time travel should play a role again.

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