Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

The anime series ” Star Wars: Visions ” provides us with nine self-contained and independent short films from the “Star Wars” universe. The anthology series is produced by seven different famous Japanese animation studios under the direction of Lucasfilm. Each studio should incorporate its own style.

The launch date has been set for September 22nd, 2022 on Disney +! According to Deadline, all episodes appear in one fell swoop. “Star Wars” always went hand in hand with Japanese influences. The original “Star Wars” is an indirect remake of the Akira Kurosawa classic “The Hidden Fortress”. Also ” Star Wars: The Clone Wars ” series creator Dave Filoni has worked on anime series (“Avatar – The Last Airbender”).

So with “Star Wars: Visions” Disney + wanted to give more importance to the culture that had and still has such a big influence on “Star Wars”. The different short films are designed to offer different themes and different types of Japanese culture and narrative style.

“Star Wars: Vision” – First trailer

The first trailer for “Star Wars: Vision” has not yet been released in the traditional sense. Instead, Disney + offers us a first-look video in which the various filmmakers reveal their thoughts and we get to see the first pictures, scenes, and designs:

“Star Wars” fans can look forward to a few more episodes of ” Star Wars: The Bad Batch ” until September 22nd. You can also expect numerous other “Star Wars” novelties in the Disney + program.

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