Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

Spider-Man” actors Tom Holland and Zendaya can no longer deny it: a smooch photo of both makes the rounds.

While fans all over the world are eagerly awaiting the theatrical release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” (the time will come on December 17th), fans are waiting much longer for a relationship between actors Tom Holland and Zendaya. Now the moment finally seems to have come: The two of them were recently photographed in Holland’s car giving each other a REALLY hot kiss. What, what, what ?! The internet is literally freaking out!

Caught making out.

After part 3 of “Spider-Man”, Holland will probably end his role – but he has apparently grabbed something (or better: someone) who can comfort him very well for this loss: colleague Zendaya. In the film series, the two have played a couple since part 2 – and everyone was wondering when it would finally spark between the two of them in real life. AND NOW IT FINALLY SEEMS TO BE THERE! Sorry, we’re at least as excited about it as the entire internet seems to be. In the photos, we see the two in Holland’s car, how they give each other a very passionate kiss and then both look really happy. When Tom gets out of the car, he grins over both ears and it’s just so cute that we can’t cope with it anymore! Fortunately, we’re not alone in this, because the fans are at least as happy for both of them.

Fans want to be at the wedding.

Fan congratulations are gathering on Instagram and Twitter. “I KNOW IT!” Writes an enthusiastic fan. Other people “can’t breathe” and describe this good news as “incredibly beautiful”. A particularly enthusiastic fan immediately asked: “ ARE WE INVITED TO THE WEDDING? “ How nice that the fans give the two freshly in love so much freedom and not build up any pressure. We are very happy for Holland and Zendaya (and can hardly wait for the wedding)!

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