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Now yes, the doors of Las Encinas have reopened for the fourth season of Elite. A new school year begins in the famous Netflix series and with it, new plots, exams and, what interests us most: romances.

In this new season, after the departure of a large part of the cast, we meet a group of new students who join the school and who will turn the lives of the characters we already know upside down. Manu Rios, Martina Cariddi, Carla Díaz, and Pol Grinch join the Las Encinas classrooms with their characters. And small characters!

Although these four actors and actresses are going to give a lot to talk about, some are already doing it. And it is that, even before premiering this fourth season, they have already unleashed passions. This is the case with Manu Rios.

If you still do not know him, we are going to leave you X data about him so that you have him on the radar. Take note!

1. Manu Rios is Patrick Blanco Commerford

Manu Rios plays Patrick Blanco Commerford in Elite. The young man will turn Ander and Omar’s relationship upside down in the series. Hedonist, capricious and protective, he is one of the three Blanco brothers who come to the school at the hands of their father, the new director of the center.

His character does whatever he wants at all times, although he makes everyone believe that he is following the rules. He’s used to getting everything he wants… until now.

2. Date and place of birth

First things first: where is Manu Rios from and when was he born? The actor was born in December 1998 in Ciudad Real. So he is 22 years old. Five more than his character Patrick.

With his boyish face and a little beard, he can perfectly impersonate a high school student.

3. Manu is a singer

Manu Rios began to be known very young. The young man has a YouTube channel with more than a million followers where he sings. In fact, we have seen him perform songs such as Not Steady by Paloma Mami or Riptide by Vance Joy. Some of his singing videos add up to more than 10 million views. In addition, last 2020 he had planned to release an EP, but due to his signing by Elite, he decided to delay it, as he told in an interview: “Just before I found out that I was going to be part of the project, I was very focused on making my music. I was preparing an EP “

4. Has a television past

Although many people do not remember it, Manu has a television past. Long before joining Elite, when he was just a child, he participated in two talents of Spanish television.

The young man from La Mancha has been in You yes that you are worth singing. And it is that his voice has gone very far even before being part of Netflix. He was also in the TVE program called Cantame una song, where he performed some of the most famous Spanish songs in history.

In addition, he has also been in series such as El Chiringuito de Pepe, where he played Mauri for 6 episodes.

5. A full-blown influencer

Since he was very young, Manu has been connected to social networks. Long before his presence in Elite was announced, the young man already had millions of followers on Instagram.

Thanks to this facet, Manu has worked with brands such as Pull and Bear or Dior, becoming an ambassador for both.

6. Catwalk model

In addition, as we have seen on his social networks, Manu has a passion for fashion. The young man knows how to dress for every occasion. Perhaps the fact that she has worked as a model, parading on catwalks in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Beijing, or Los Angeles has had something to do with it.

7. Does Manu Rios have a partner?

Many Elite fans are wondering if the new signings of their favorite series are dating someone, but in this case, we cannot answer this question. Of course, in their social networks, there is no signal that is paired. But of course, that doesn’t mean anything.

At the moment, about his personal life, we know that he has made very good friends with all the Elite cast, who welcomed him from the first moment as one more.

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