Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Fans of the superhero series were met with surprising news this week, when it was revealed that Netflix had cancelled ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ after just one season, leading to an unthinkable backlash as Josh Duhamel could join Hulu.

Instead of opting to develop a second season of the series, Netflix, and Mark Millar himself, has announced that there will be a Supercrooks spin-off.

The unconventional approach, the news that the cast of ‘Jupiter’s Legacy’ had been released from their contracts and the revelation of the high price of the first season collided at once, and even the members of the cast and crew have reacted in ways. singular.

Josh Duhamel, who plays Sheldon Sampson, The Utopian, recently reacted to the fate of the series in a rather funny way, sharing on Instagram a photo of him without a shirt with the characterization of his character.

“When Netflix abandons you and you have to get back on trend, “the actor wrote.

The publication is completed with a hashtag alluding to the character’s tan and asking rival streaming service Hulu “what’s up”, as a way of flirting.

In ‘Jupiter’s Legacy, after nearly a century of keeping humanity safe, the world’s first generation of superheroes must seek out their children to continue the legacy.

Now that the idea that Josh Duhamel could join Hulu is not so far-fetched, considering the large number of productions that the streaming platform is developing, but there is nothing for sure, although as the old saying goes when the river sounds it is because water carries.

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