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“Harry Potter” made Daniel Radcliffe a star. But his career almost got ruined by his parents!

Behind the scenes of “Harry Potter,” there was quite a bit of drama on the set. Not so surprising, after all, the stars went through their puberty in front of the camera! And while some had to be forced into their roles, others had no real say because of their age. This is what happened with “Harry Potter” actor Daniel Radcliffe. It quickly became clear to the people behind the film that he should take on the leading role – but his parents weren’t at all enthusiastic about the key details of his contract. They almost ruined his blatant film career before it even started!

Radcliffe’s parents wanted their son to have as normal a life as possible.

Thousands of children were at the casting of “Harry Potter” at the start. The search was – to put it mildly – difficult because at least there had to be a boy there who would play the character of Harry Potter convincingly (and above all for several years). AND he should also be British, that was the requirement for author JK Rowling. By chance, the creators met a special boy on their search: Daniel Radcliffe. It was clear to her that only he could play the leading role! His parents were skeptical, but then let their child audition. But when the contract fluttered into the Radcliffe house, the parents quickly changed their minds. Because it was talking about six films that should all be shot in LA. “It’s too much of an encroachment on his life, it won’t happen, ”Radcliffe quoted his parents as saying in an interview. And the young actor’s career would have been over before she could even begin!

The contract was changed in favor of the parents.

Incidentally, Radcliffe hadn’t noticed any of this even then. It would take “three or four months”, the actor recalls, before a new contract was drawn up. There was talk of two films that would be shot in England. With that, Radcliffe’s parents could come to terms and agree to the terms. Phew! Still, he had to assert himself against another boy who was ” incredibly good and very vulnerable and looked a lot like Harry,” said casting director Janet Hirshenson in an interview. But Radcliffe would have had both: vulnerability and strength. And this was important, after all, Harry Potter would get stronger and stronger in the course of the series. So he became Harry Potter! It is unknown whether the Radcliffe family was ever annoyed by being presented with a two-film deal that eventually turned into eight films. But her son probably just had too much fun on set by then! And the rest is history.

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