Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

Those responsible for making each of its Wonder Egg Priority episodes decided that the series would end with a “special episode”, which is why Wonder Egg Priority chapter 13 draws so much attention since this will be the end and above all to know that since June 29 it is already in Japan.

Chapter 13 will be different from the rest, this time it will last one hour, an extension that has not only reassured many of the followers because the “end” was considered very hasty.

In the final episode, aspects of issues were closed that, in a regular episode of Wonder Egg Priority, would not have been resolved, but rather shows that the work needed a lot more work and a few more minutes of footage.

What is Wonder Egg Priority chapter 13 about?

The Wonder Egg Priority Chapter 13 revolves around Ai Ohio, a 14 – year – old heard a mysterious voice while walking at night while heading to his hometown.

The voice gives the child an egg and gives her a mission: “If you want to change the future, you just have to choose now.” So in the final chapter, it will serve to close stories that otherwise could not be given.

What genre is Wonder Egg Priority?

The genres of Wonder Egg Priority are psychological horror and fantasy television. In fact, the protagonist stops attending school after a young woman gets dirty at school.

But later the lonely young Ai finds a mysterious egg in an abandoned arcade. His destiny begins to change from that moment on. And although the season has ended Wonder Egg Priority chapter 13 will be a final chapter.

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