Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

The “Captain Marvel” actress maintains a very active profile on social media.

Social media was always an optimal channel for fans to connect directly with the stars of their favorite productions. Some participate more than others, but if there is one who does it actively, it is Brie Larson. It was through one of her channels where she decided to communicate sad news for those who follow her.

The “Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel)” actress was one of the pioneers in breaking with the normality of Instagram or Twitter and bringing her talent to YouTube. During the pandemic, he opened his own channel, since, as he explained, it was a place where he learned a lot. “It has been a space to talk about things that are relevant and matter. This does not mean that there was no silly content or ways of expressing myself personally ”, he asserted.

Now, in the wake of what will be her hectic schedule, Brie Larson decided to take a step back. The artist explained that the filming of “The Marvels”, the title that the sequel to “Captain Marvel” will take, will take a long time and that she cannot do both simultaneously. “I have to go back to my job, my first job, my job as an actress,” she explained.

“I had fun. I’ve been able to do things that I never thought I’d do, prioritize things that are fun and enjoyable, ”said Brie Larson. “There were so many great moments and I got to meet so many great people. Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you have found some pleasure because I really enjoyed doing it, “he said of the videos that exceeded 16 million views.

The dream that he never thought he would fulfill.

A few weeks ago, Brie Larson made headlines thanks to the relaunch of “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World ”, Edgar Wright’s film in which he played Envy Adams. There he was a musical star and for this reason, he had to revert to a song known as “Black Sheep” that belonged to the band Metric. “More than a decade later, my dreams of a pop star persist,” he said on his networks to tell that the song was beginning to be available legally on Spotify. “They will no longer have to record the YouTube screen and make their own mp3s,” he closed.

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