Sun. Apr 21st, 2024

Famous people no longer hide.

The rapprochement between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck became Hollywood’s new favorite topic. After a few bits of hearsay, the famous people appear to have quit covering up, and this end of the week they made another stride in the conclusive affirmation.

The renowned Hollywood actor and the interpreter of “The Ring” were once again in front of the cameras and, this time, very well accompanied. Along with Lopez’s twins, Max and Emme, 13, and their corresponding bodyguards, the celebrities spent the day in the establishments of Universal Studios in Hollywood.

The tour focused on the “Simpsons” themed attraction and also featured Affleck’s 9-year-old son Samuel. Although the age of the little ones separates them generationally from the inhabitants of Springfield, this did not prevent them from enjoying the ride in a big way.

With looks relaxed and ideal to face the long walks of the theme park, the famous did not make an effort to hide and, according to the curious who managed to glimpse them, they seemed completely happy and in love. While Ben chose an outfit of casual jeans and a hoodie, Lopez turned heads in his cream drawstring pants. The presence of the children was one of the great points of the day. Without a doubt, adding your heirs to the appointment indicates that the relationship is progressing steadily.

Significant progress.

Since Ben Affleck separated from Ana de Armas and Jennifer Lopez broke her engagement with Alex Rodriguez, the rapprochement between the two seems to be advancing at a certain pace. Although neither of them has spoken publicly about the romance yet, the evidence abounds.

Different towns in the United States have witnessed the incipient relationship. Los Angeles, Miami, and Montana were the cities where the lovers were seen together and without any concealment before the curious eyes of the press.

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