Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Things are currently going well for Zack Snyder: After years, Warner Bros. gave him the opportunity to make his very own cut of “ Justice League ”, which was well-received by critics and fans alike. In addition, with his first Netflix collaboration “ Army of the Dead ” he has one of the most successful original films on the streaming service with over 72 million households who have at least watched it.

The next thing that the 55-year-old Zack Ryan wants to film is the classic “The Eternal Spring”. As early as 1949, the book was filmed under the title “A man like explosives”. Definitely a departure from Snyder’s previous works, but also a challenge that he wants to be sure of. In general, the filmmaker has apparently been in the mood for new things since he parted ways with his long-term home-and-yard studio. In the movie Junkee Vodka Stream he let it be known that he was definitely interested in filming the animated hit ” Rick and Morty “:

“I don’t have a thoroughbred comedy with that gag-gag humor, you know. If I were to make a ‘Rick and Morty’ movie, it would be the closest thing to that. “

In fact, he has even offered to stage a small live-action scene at the end of one of the episodes – a small teaser. However, he did not reveal what became of it. For the adult swim broadcaster and the makers, this offer should actually come at the right time, after all, the universe should be expanded. Work is already in progress on four spin-off series.

In addition, producer Scott Marder told Digital Spy that he wouldn’t be surprised if a “Rick and Morty” movie was coming up in the near future:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if someone came around the corner one day. But I feel like every episode is like a movie. I would like to see what a movie would be like. Such a film would be the equivalent of a trilogy. We’d pack so much into it. It should be very epic. “

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