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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were once Hollywood’s dream couple: young, sexy and rich af, the two seemed at first glance to be made for each other. From 2011 on, the relationship drama between the two dragged on for a whole seven years. They came together, they broke up, came together, broke up … Gomez himself has an explanation as to why her relationship with Justin and all other men was doomed.

The back and forth between Gomez and Bieber

Incredible, but true: It’s been ten years since Gomez and Bieber first met. The two performed together at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party, making their relationship official in 2011. ” I don’t like to hide ,” Gomez said in an interview with Seventeen at the time. ” I like to keep certain things to myself, but at the end of the day I’m 18 and I’ll fall in love, ” said the singer and actress. The relationship was stable for a year, despite minor dramas (this is what Bieber was said to have, but fathered a child with a fan. He didn’t). In 2012 it was even said that the two wanted to get engaged, but at the end of the year, they decided to split up. Their blatant commitments are said to have resulted in no more time for a relationship. Shortly after the separation, they were seen together again, but a dispute in January 2013 is said to have – for the time being – torn them apart.

A few months later they were apparently reunited when Gomez flew to Norway to attend a Bieber concert. Shortly before Christmas, the end, which Bieber confirmed in an interview with Power 106 FM. One would take a “break” – for fans that meant hoping for a (again) reunion. They didn’t have to ask for a long time. In 2014 the two got together again, but each had to struggle with personal problems. Bieber was in trouble because he had driven drunk, Gomez struggled with her illness, which at some point went so far that a friend had to save her from death! The two were seen together in Paris, but Bieber was later also seen with Kendall Jenner – which (rumored) led to Gomez leaving Paris by plane. Are you still coming?

It continues: In January 2015, Gomez was with Anton Zedd, Bieber released songs during the time that apparently alluded to his ex-relationship with Gomez. When asked if he could get back together with Gomez, Bieber replied in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres: ” That could happen .” Shortly afterward, the two love-hungry people were seen together again! In January 2016, however, Bieber posted a photo with Hailey Baldwin (later Bieber), which led to a social media argument with Gomez. Phew, They got along in 2017, were seen together more often, and even officially got together again in 2018. In June, however, it became clear to everyone involved that he was dating Hailey again and that was it for all of them (right ?!). Did you count We’re not exactly sure how many times the two tried? Four times? Five times? Six times?

Selena thinks she is “cursed”

Some people claim that Justin made Selena “sick” and is responsible for her mental health problems. The singer does not respond to such rumors but has the feeling that she is “cursed” in terms of the relationship. In an interview with Vogue Australia, the singer spoke about her problems with relationships: “ I was way too young to be confronted with certain things during my relationships. “ Her fans are also problematic because they pounce on every new guy with whom she only briefly makes eye contact. As with Aaron Dominguez: He had to listen to some really nasty comments when he appeared on pictures with Gomez. The two were working on a scene of “Only Murders in the Building,” as it later turned out. Los Angeles Times later told Gomez, horrified, “ I was really like, ‘No wonder no guy wants to date me! ‘“At the moment she is not looking for a relationship anyway, she reveals to ET After all the drama of the last few years, we can understand Gomez very well!

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