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Prince Wilhelm longs to live out his love freely. But suddenly the succession to the throne comes closer than hoped. Season 2 of “Young Royals” maybe too?

At the renowned Hillerska boarding school, Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) for the first time had the feeling of being able to shake off the duties of the monarchy and surrender to his emotions. When he unexpectedly steps up in line to the throne, however, he is faced with a momentous decision: should he follow his heart or take responsibility?

Is “Young Royals” season 2 coming?

The Swedish series “Young Royals” has been broadcast on Netflix since July 1, 2022. It is not yet clear whether we will be allowed to accompany Wilhelm of Sweden in a second season. At least streaming provider Netflix has not yet officially confirmed that there will be a sequel.

First of all, it remains to be seen how many viewers the Swedish drama can inspire. Since the style and plot, however, have some parallels to ” Elite “, a great success could actually be expected, which would bring season 2 of “Young Royals” within reach.

When will “Young Royals” Season 2 be released?

Since there has not yet been a green light for the second season of “Young Royals”, one can only speculate about a possible start date. Should Netflix keep the usual rhythm, the audience could possibly get a second insight into the conflict of the young Swedish heir to the throne in mid-2022.

Where will “Young Royals” Season 2 be seen?

“Young Royals” is a Netflix original series that was specially produced by Nexiko for the streaming provider. So it is almost certain that season 2 of the romantic drama will be shown on Netflix – if it is actually implemented.

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