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Chris Pratt has to save the future from an alien invasion in “The Tomorrow War”. We’ll tell you what the future of films looks like.

Since July 2nd, Amazon Prime has been showing the sci-fi action film ” The Tomorrow War “. In it, teacher Dan Forester ( Chris Pratt ) joins an army from the future to help them fight a dangerous alien invasion. The finale could suggest a second part, but is this really coming?

“The Tomorrow War 2” director sees potential in the sequel

Since the film is not yet planned at the moment, there will be no start for “The Tomorrow War 2”. However, director Chris McKay can imagine spinning the action film further. He’s hoping Amazon will approve a sequel as he thinks there’s a lot more to the story. Not only could you get even more out of the world of aliens, the director also sees further potential in the time travel element. It is currently not known whether the streaming service feels the same way. Perhaps they are waiting for the streaming numbers as usual.

What could happen in “The Tomorrow War 2”?

As expected, “The Tomorrow War” ends with a positive finale. With the help of his father ( JK Simmons ), Dan manages to defeat the last White Spike in an action-packed fight – the world is saved. Where can a second part be included in such a degree?

As Chris McKay pointed out, two aspects of the sci-fi action film hold potential for further storytelling. If the makers of “The Tomorrow War” want to expand into a brilliant franchise, they could take the same route as with “ Alien ”. Accordingly, more white spikes appear that threaten the extinction of mankind. Since Dan and his team are now accomplished alien killers, the alien beings would have to evolve to pose a new threat. But there is also the possibility that the earth is threatened by completely new, as yet unknown aliens.

The time travel storyline could also produce other stories. In the Amazon action, Dan manages to save the future of his daughter Muro ( Yvonne Strahovski ). But what happens after that? Will the world be threatened again 20 to 25 years later? There are plenty of opportunities for McKay and Amazon Prime to spin the Dan Forester story further. So for now, it just remains to be seen what the makers will decide on. As soon as there is initial information, we will of course report on it.


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