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Season 12 was supposed to be the finale of the US crime series. The last episode “The End in the end” has to be renamed: Producer Michael Peterson is toying with a sequel!

After the creators of the series confirmed the news almost a year ago that “ Bones – The Bone Hunter ” would definitely go into the final round with season 12, FOX is now doubting its own decision. That the series wasn’t such a bad idea is proven by over 230 episodes followed by a worldwide fan base. Accordingly, the disappointment was great when the crime series was to be discontinued despite good ratings and a loyal fan base.

“Bones” season 13: how likely is the sequel?

In 2017 producer Michael Peterson woke up with fresh vigour, grabbed his head and thought: Why stop when it’s best? To the delight of fans of forensic scientist Dr Temperance Brennan ( Emily Deschanel ) and her FBI colleague Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz), Peterson would like to continue the series. In an interview with TV-Line, he admitted that he would prefer not to leave “his family”, as he calls the cast and crew of “Bones”. After more than eight years as a producer of the series, he can well imagine a revival with his colleagues and predicted that they would basically feel the same way.

Successful role models for series relaunch such as ” Gilmore Girls: A New Year “, ” The X Files “, ” 24 ” and ” Prison Break ” could give both Peterson and our hope. Admittedly, there are currently no concrete plans and Peterson also left the time window rather open. He wouldn’t want to rule out the idea of ​​a reunion. Fans, be patient! Because the producer made it pretty clear that – in whatever form – the crime series will continue. Or how do you rate a sentence like “I absolutely do not see this as the end”?

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