Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

The long-awaited season of ‘Elite 4’ has arrived and with it, new actors who will dominate ‘Las Encinas’. Although it has been confirmed that we will no longer see Lu (Danna Paola), Carla (Ester Exposito), and Nadia (Mina El Hammani) in these episodes, Netflix gives us new talents that, by the way, aim to be a visual delight for the public. Such is the case of Patrick, a character who will break into Omar and Ander’s relationship, and who will be played by Manu Rios. OMG! If you still don’t know him, keep reading to discover everything behind the actor, singer, and influencer who will become your new crush.

Who is Manu Rios?

Manuel Rios Fernandez, better known as Manu Rios, is a 22-year-old singer, actor, and influencer. He was born in Ciudad Real, in Spain, he is Sagittarius and has an older brother, Jose (just as handsome as him, by the way), who has always supported his career.

Since he was little, Manu was already shining with his vocal talent, so much so that he made his debut in the program ‘Cantando en Familia’; Years later he participated in the musicals ‘Los Miserables’ and ‘Don Pepito’, he was part of the group Parchís and even made small participation in a TV series. It is until today that we see him again on the screen with his official debut as an actor in ‘Elite 4’ and it seems that this will be his greatest platform to jump (even more) to fame.

Why is Manu Rios famous?

His career since he was a child has been key to making his way in the world of singing and entertainment, but one of the main reasons why he became so famous is that he found the right platforms to make his talent visible: social networks. For 9 years he began to upload song covers to YouTube and in 2017 he jumped to Instagram, where he recorded himself singing and playing various musical instruments.


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