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“Ozark” is getting season 4 on Netflix. However, the Byrde family is returning for the last time. The new episodes represent the grand finale of the drama series.

Fans of the crime series “Ozark” can look forward to the fact that the series is coming back to the streaming service Netflix for a fourth and final season. After that, you, unfortunately, have to say goodbye to the money-laundering financial advisor and his family.

Netflix has already officially announced that the successful series will come to an end after its 4th season. The announcement has something good, however, because the season will now be a little longer instead of the usual 10 episodes and contain 14 episodes. We have summarized all further information about the new season for you.

“Ozark” Season 4: Release Date.

Streaming service Netflix has already announced that there will be a 4th season of “Ozark”, but there is no exact start date for the 4th season at this point in time.

If there was usually a year between the start dates of the seasons, planning and filming have been postponed due to the corona pandemic. Filming resumed in May 2022. If the production of the new episodes goes according to plan, season 4 could still be available from the streaming provider at the end of 2022.

“Ozark” Season 4: Trailer.

At the end of June, Netflix already announced the final season of “Ozark” with a small teaser video, but there is currently no real trailer for the coming season. As soon as one appears, you can of course find it here.

“Ozark” Season 4: Plot.

Netflix announces in the short teaser: “They go with a big bang.”Ozark “will return with a final season extended to 14 episodes .”More episodes will also be urgently needed to bring the story to a round ending. Because before that happens and we can say goodbye to the Byrde family, there are a few more pressing questions that need to be answered.

Regarding the exact plot of the fourth season, of course, nothing is known yet. However, this will very likely tie in with the storyline of Season 3. One thing is for sure: In season 4, the Bryde family will certainly become even more entangled in the criminal machinations. By the end of season 3, Marty and Wendy are so closely intertwined with Navarro that the entire family is unlikely to escape.

A big question now is whether the family will ultimately break up in the power struggles over the drug empire. Marty and his wife, Wendy, got closer at the end of Season 3, but their differences of opinion could turn into a real argument about the future of the family. As season 3 showed, both Byrdes have the potential to eventually become the head of their own drug operation. Can you still manage to come up with a common denominator here?

Also, the question remains whether the renegade Ruth, who turned her back on the family in season 3, will return to the Byrde team in season 4 – or could she become a dangerous adversary? And how does the death of Wendy’s brother affect the family and events in the coming season?

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