Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

The Canadian singer Shawn Mendes has become the target of harsh criticism on social networks after his participation in the most recent episode of the podcast The Man Enough became known, in which he reveals that he yelled at his girlfriend, also singer Camila Cabello, for leaving a container of yogurt out of the refrigerator.

During the talk, the singer was questioned about the last time he apologized, to which he replied that it was that same morning and that it had been with his girlfriend. According to his story, he had asked him three times to put the yogurt pot in the fridge, but the tone of his voice was not to Camila’s liking, who questioned him if he was yelling at her.

After the brief discussion, which happened because they were both far away, the ‘Stitches’ interpreter made a comment in which he boasted that he was the king and that he deserved special treatment, which was not funny. He later apologized saying it was his ego and his fragile masculinity.

The singer’s statements were not well seen by some netizens, who through social networks assured that he was exercising domestic violence against Camila Cabello. There were even those who accused him of being a misogynist with the actress, who is close to starring in the new live-action Cinderella.

“If he loves her so much, why would he have to yell at the love of his life for plain yogurt? Wake up and look at it as it really is ”and“ Shawn told how he yells at Camila for leaving the yogurt out of the fridge as if it were the worst ”, are some of the criticisms that the singer received on social networks.

However, Shawn Mendes fans came to his defense, pointing out that his comment had been taken out of context since they had to listen to the entire episode of the podcast to understand the meaning of it, since it spoke of fragile masculinity.

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