Wed. Apr 17th, 2024
  • Now we can see the WhatsApp audios before listening to them
  • The changes have not been well received.

WhatsApp is developing a new interface for audio messages, which will allow us to better understand what the sounds we have recorded are like and listen to the audio before sending it to make sure it arrives correctly.

Love them or hate them, no one doubts that WhatsApp audios are the most used daily functionality; it is simply too easy to record audio instead of writing, especially if we are in a situation where we cannot stop to look at the screen.

Despite the popularity of WhatsApp audios, they still have a lot of room for improvement, and the company knows it; at least, and as WABetaInfo has leaked, it is already working on some changes that will not affect the operation, but will improve it.

The first change came in the Beta version of WhatsApp, where users can enjoy the improvements before anyone else, as long as they accept that many bugs and problems will be found. The change in the audios is a good example: the interface changed to integrate a waveform, which indicates the volume in the different parts of the audio.

This is similar to what Instagram already does, and is a way of knowing more or less what the message will be like before it is reproduced. However, this was not a welcome change initially; users complained that this feature is nice, but not very functional.

It is not possible to navigate to the point that we want in the audio, which is supposed to be one of the advantages of being able to see the audio waves: if we are listening to the audio for the second time, we should be able to recognize the part we want to hear and click on her directly, but WhatsApp has not enabled that. The other flaw is that the audio waveform is difficult to see if we are using a dark theme.

WhatsApp has already withdrawn this functionality to work more on it, but it has not given up: it is also going to change the sending of messages. Now we can see the audio waves before sending the message, but the best thing is that we can listen to the audio before sending it; This will be especially useful if we want to make sure that we have said everything we had to say, or if we pick up an annoying noise that makes us not heard.


By Farwa Raza

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