Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

The streaming platform premiered this series last Friday focused on female desire and finding herself again.

In the closing moments of the first season of Sex/Life, Billie (Sarah Shahi) realizes that she couldn’t get enough of that idyllic family life after all. The protagonist decides that she does not want to continue trapped in the routine and runs into the arms of her ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos), who now gives her just what she needs. After eight episodes debating between her husband or her lover -or what is the same, between love and sex-, Billie opts for the latter but making it clear that she is not going to end her marriage. What does that mean for a possible Sex/Life season 2?

It’s a very controversial plot change, just what the Netflix series team was looking for. The ‘showrunner’ Stacy Rukeyser sheds some light on the matter in an interview at Collider. “It was controversial and I knew I was going to make noise and start a debate. I remember talking to Netflix executives and saying, ‘If we don’t start a debate, then what are we doing? “Recalls Rukeyser and compares his protagonist to one of the great icons of television.” I always say it’s like when Don Draper comes home in the Mad Men pilot and you discover that he is married but has lovers. We love Don Draper He’s charming and he’s totally allowed to do that.”

The end of Sex / Life draws a lot of attention, perhaps, because we are not used to women making those kinds of decisions. However, we still don’t know how the story will evolve. The end of the first season shows us Billie pleading with Brad, but he does not have the opportunity to respond. “We don’t know what happens after she says what she says. We don’t know if he says yes or no because, again, he has put his heart on that driveway and said what he wants, and now she comes up with a very different offer.”

The only thing clear that the season finale leaves is that Billie loves her children and wants to be with her husband, but the family life that everyone seems to be satisfied with is not for her. He wants something more and he has got it from Brad. “There is another part of her, her more sexual, wild, and free part that she wants to experience. It was an important part of the series. ‘Yes, all parts of a woman should be celebrated, recognized and cared for by their partners.’ liberation when she runs through New York and there is a mixture of emotions, “explains Rukeyser to TVLine.

If Netflix confirms Season 2 of Sex/Life – which it hasn’t done yet – it will have to explore Brad’s reaction to what Billie tells him. We will also have to find out how the protagonist’s husband, Cooper (Mike Vogel), is not very happy with the decision of his partner. “It is a complex situation. I hope that, if we do a second installment, we continue to go down the rabbit hole because it is a very messy thing. It’s fun to play and I think it’s totally real”, the ‘showrunner’ tells TVLine.

Sex/Life is a romantic comedy based on the memoirs of BB Easton. It follows Billie Connelly, who has a nice home, two children, and a seemingly perfect marriage, but wants to win back the sensual woman she was 10 years ago. She embarks on a sexual journey that, however, runs counter to her routine as a married mother. She wants to be a wild girl, but she also loves her family.

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