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Two definitive departures, two doubts, two new additions, and many returns. This is how the cast remains after the end of the fourth installment that is now available on Netflix.

The season 4 Elite-only takes a week to be available on Netflix, but fans of the hit series developed by Carlos Montero for the platform can devour her mercilessly with the certainty that later or earlier will premiere the fifth delivery It is already 100% official on the platform and, in fact, it is already well advanced.

We can expect a lot of things from season 5 of Elite, although the official details about the new episodes are kept, how could it be otherwise, absolutely secret. Thus, we do not know if the series will have completely buried the murky event that ended with the murder of Armando (Andres Velencoso) or if what happened will continue to torment the protagonists in one way or another. Nor how will the life of Philippe (Pol Granch) get complicated after the call he made in the last episode, nor how the dynamics between the characters will continue.

What we do know is that if Elite has managed to keep its DNA almost intact and remain addictive even with the departure of a good handful of veterans, it can do so again in its fifth season.

What happens in the new episodes will be very marked, of course, by the characters available to continue playing with them in the different plots. Below we review who will be and who will not in the fifth installment of Elite, with two confirmed departures, two doubts, two additions, and many, many returns. Take note!


The characters played by Miguel Bernardeau and Aron Piper, Guzman and Ander, respectively, have been part of the Elite cast since the first installment of the series and have given us very good moments. Ander, with his love story with Omar, one of the most solid and sincere in the series; While Guzman began as a posh and classist child and ended up evolving considerably thanks to his unconditional love for Nadia (Mina El Hammani).

Despite the fact that in the fourth season Guzman started away from the two characters with whom he used to share the plot -Lucrecia and Nadia), the team of the series bets on providing him with a new love triangle with Ari (Carla Diaz) and Samuel. For his part, Ander saw his relationship threatened with the entrance of Patrick (Manu Rios), but finally, things ended well with his boy.


When Netflix confirmed the renewal of Elite for a fifth installment, it was already accompanied by two new signings: Valentina Zenere and Andre Lamoglia, two new students from Las Encinas.

If at the time no more information about the characters they would be playing was confirmed, the same continues to happen now, although, with some new features established by season 4, some speculation begins to occur. One of them, for example, is that Valentina Zenere may be related to Philippe’s past, while André Lamoglia could well be related to Ari, thus filling the void left by Guzmán or Omar, now away from Ander.

Little by little, we will know the news of the fifth season of Elite, which has no date on Netflix but is estimated for 2022.

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