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Pol Granch is the famous prince who captivated in Elite 4 and now with these seductive images that more than one will love

Pol Granch is the young actor and singer who played Phillipe in the series Elite in its fourth season and who now captivates his fans with these seductive images on his social networks.

It should be remembered that Phillipe Elite was one of the labels that became a trend after the premiere of the fourth season of Spanish youth history that continues to captivate the audience.

There is no doubt that the Spanish series with the incorporation of the new characters continues to captivate thousands of people and especially, the actor and singer Pol Granch on Instagram has almost a million followers, he delighted the girls with his very perverse character.

The most seductive images of the elite actor 4.

It is not for less that this young man drives the girls crazy because even though he was almost canceled before appearing in Elite, he is considered beyond his character as a very romantic boy, passionate about challenges, and above all for having a soul very free.

That is why each of her publications shows part of her tastes and her seductive personality that earn her thousands of reactions and comments in which they flatter her beauty and talent.

Where was Pol Granch born?

At only 23 years old, this actor and singer who was born in Spain, but who has French ancestry, has managed to win the affection of his fans through his talent and impeccable way of transmitting feelings and the purest messages through his songs.

Very few know that his acting debut was made through the premiere of the fourth season of Elite in which he played Phillipe Florian Von Triesenberg, a prince with a dark past, but that through Cayetana he hopes to change and be a better man.

It should be noted that Pol Granch was part of the reality X Factor Spain in 2018, in which he was a member of the group sponsored by the famous singer Laura Pausini, without imagining that years later he would be part of one of the best Netflix series.

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