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Elite will have a fifth, however, it was revealed that Aron Piper and other characters that you surely loved will not be.

After a year of waiting, Netflix premiered the fourth season of Elite, which is just days has become the most-watched series in Mexico and we remember that this new edition was joined by new members, who joined the adventures of Known characters such as Cayetana, Samuel, Omar, Ander (played by Aron Piper), Guzman and Rebeka.

The fourth installment has eight chapters so many fans will surely be wondering what will happen in the fifth season that has already been confirmed by the production, so we bring you all the details.

Recently, several data of the new episodes of the production were leaked and one of them is that the filming began at the same time as the recent premiere of the fourth season of Elite on Netflix, however, to the disappointment of some fans, important initial characters will no longer be there. in the production.

Characters that will not be in Elite 5.

This successful production was joined by two new stars, who will reach the fifth installment to make their own, however, legendary characters from Las Encinas also left the set.

Everything indicates that those who will leave the next installment of this Spanish series will be Miguel Bernardeau who gives life to Guzman and Aran who gives life to Ander since in the fourth season they left school in the middle of the semester to undertake a dream trip without direction.

With emotional phrases, both characters said goodbye to their companions hinting that it would be the last time they would see them, so it is most likely that we will not see them in the fifth season.

Why did Aron Piper leave Elite?

According to local media, Ander will no longer return to the most prestigious school in Madrid since he already has new projects underway, Piper is currently filming a movie with Luis Tosar, in addition to being focused on his role as a singer.

While in the case of Miguel Bernardeau, the actor is in production with 1899, to starring in Playa Negra.

Let’s remember that to his acting career, Aron Piper has a long career in music, since at the age of 15 he received a Goya nomination, in the category of Best Original Song for the theme that appeared in the feature film 15 years and a day, So surely the Elite actor will show us again his great talent for music.

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