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Internet users and fans have wondered how old Danna Paola is, the singer is 25 years old.

Fans have wondered how old Danna Paola is, so we will share the details. The beautiful and successful singer will soon celebrate her birthday because at her young age she has managed to conquer the fans.

From her childhood, her dream of becoming an actress and singer began. The Mexican artist made several children’s soap operas but decided to focus on music, although her participation in some seasons of “Elite” caused a sensation among her followers.

After her participation in the hit Netflix series, the singer has focused on new songs and recently released the song “Mia”. The song’s music video has garnered thousands of views on YouTube.

How old is Danna Paola and what is her height?

Some users have been intrigued about the age of Danna Paola since the age of singer is 25 years old, she was born on June 23, 1995, and measures 1.60 cm, which has surprised users. In his short career, he has achieved popularity on social networks.

We remember that last April, Danna Paola celebrated Children’s Day with an adorable photograph of her childhood, as her loyal fans have been fascinated by the photos of the singer’s past, who began to participate in various soap operas from a very young age.

Despite how old Danna Paola is, her fans do not forget the adorable smile and look she had when she was just a child, but now at 25 she has become a successful and beautiful woman, as users have mentioned.

What studies does Danna Paola have?

fans are wondering about how old Danna Paola is, have also been intrigued to know what studies she has, since the famous one finished high school, although at an early age she began her artistic career in the children’s program “Plaza Sesamo”.

After finishing high school, the famous woman focused on other projects, as she was part of the cast of the musical “The Wicked”, in the same way, she participated in the telenovela “Dare to dream”, but later she again captivated her fans with her character of “Lucrecia” in the series “Elite”.

There is no doubt that the Mexican star has managed to position herself as one of the most popular artists of the moment because even though she had difficult moments with her studies, she has managed to conquer her fans with her great talent.

Where does Danna Paola currently live?

The singer decided to go live alone in a luxurious house in Mexico City for a few months because after having finished her participation in the Netflix series, she returned to Mexico to undertake a new project in her life that is to live alone.

Despite how old Danna Paola is, her age was not an impediment to making the decision to live alone. In that house he spent most of his quarantine, so he boasted in the publications he shared on his Instagram stories.

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