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The French Netflix series “Lupin” returned on June 11th with new episodes, but it is not the end of Assane Diop ( Omar Sy ). We’ll tell you when and how it could go on.

“Lupin” Season 3: Netflix confirms third part of the series

Anyone who has already seen season 2 of “Lupin” to the end will know that part 3 or the third season of the series will come. Because before the credits of episode 5 run out, Netflix surprises “Lupin” fans with this message:

When fans can expect the next cat and mouse game between Assane Diop and the police is unfortunately not yet known. There are only five months between the first two seasons or parts. If Netflix keeps the fast rhythm, Part 3 should start as early as November 2022. After all, the sequel is again another part and not a new season. However, it could be possible that fans will have to be patient this time.

At the end of Part 2, Assane says goodbye to his family and explains to them that he has to be “far away” but will come back. He does not reveal when he will return. Does the series imply that the break between part 2 of “Lupin” and part 3 will be longer? We will see.

What happens in “Lupin” Part 3?

It seems as if Assane could finally have cleared his father’s name at the end of part 2, he didn’t really want more. However, since the police are still looking for him, fans can get ready for new adventures and tricky games of confusion. We cannot say exactly what will happen in Part 3 of “Lupin”. The master thief may be messing around in other parts of France in the new episodes. Perhaps Part 3 skips Assane’s escape entirely and takes place at a time when he will return to Paris. As soon as there is more official information about the next season, you will find out here.

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